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The SPCOMNAV group carries out teaching activities in Telecommunication Engineering degrees at the Escola d'Enginyeria, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
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Undegraduate studies:
B.Sc. Telecommunication Systems Engineering (TSE) [link]
B.Sc. Electronics Engineering for Telecommunication (EET) [link
  • 102690 (1st year, spring): Foundations of signals and systems  (TSE,EET)
  • 102714 (2nd year, spring): Foundations of communications  (TSE,EET)
  • 102713 (3rd year, fall): Foundations of networks (TSE)
  • 102687 (3rd year, fall): Digital signal processing (TSE)
  • 102696 (3rd year, spring): Communication theory (TSE)
  • 102695 (4th year, spring): Telecom. multidisciplinary apps. I (TSE)
  • 102697 (4th year, fall): Access technologies (TSE)
Graduate studies:
M.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering [link]
  • 42845 (1st year, fall):  Statistical signal processing
  • 42844 (2nd year, fall): Array signal processing
  • 42852 (2nd year, fall):  Low-consumption wireless networks
Ph.D. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering [link]