Succesful first test of the EGNOS V3 long-loop algorithm

The long-loop algorithm (LLA) developed by SPCOMNAV as part of its participation in the development of EGNOS V3, was successfully tested on November 2021 during the on-site proof-of-concept event that took place in the premises of Eutelsat at Rambouillet, France. The algorithm is implemented in the Navigation Land Earth Stations (NLES) of the EGNOS V3 system and it is in charge of steering the signals sent from the NLES to the EGNOS satellites and then broadcast back to EGNOS users. The algorithm allows receiving the EGNOS signal as if had been generated on board of the EGNOS satellites and not on ground, as it actually is. Therefore, the algorithm is one of the indispensable parts for the operation of the EGNOS system and in particular, of the forthcoming EGNOS V3 system. The project is led by Airbus with Indra as the main contractor for the NLES development. More information can be found [here].