PhD grant offered
A grant to pursue a PhD in the group is being offered. The call announcement can be found http://goo.gl/2n3j7D.
In order to apply, you have to send:
- CV
- Transcripts (i.e. grades record) of previous degrees (scanned)
- Certificate of previous degrees: BSc, MSc (scanned)
- ID card (scanned)
by email to d.telecos.eng.sistemes@uab.cat and gonzalo.seco@uab.es, with subject: [PIF] Application to PIF grant at Teoria del senyal i comunications.
Specify in your email that you are applying to the grant that appears at http://goo.gl/YuWlGt under the Department "Telecomunicacions i Enginyeria de Sistemes" and profile "Teoria del senyal i communicacions".