Lucía Pallarés awarded a scholarship funded by the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS)

Our PhD student, Lucía Pallarés, has been awarded one of the fourty scholarships that the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) Scholarship Program awarded in its inaugural year. See IEEE announcement [here].The SPS Scholarship Program recognizes students who have ...


Gonzalo Seco-Granados receives 2021 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award

The paper "Channel Estimation and Performance Analysis of One-Bit Massive MIMO Systems" that was published in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, August 2017 received the 2021 ...

Welcome to the Signal Processing for Communications and Navigation (SPCOMNAV) website!


SPCOMNAV was set up in 2005 as a research group within the Department of Telecommunications and Systems Engineering at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB). The group carries out fundamental research on statistical signal processing including estimation and detection theory. This fundamental knowledge is applied to real-life applications at the intersection of signal processing and wireless communications, such as positioning and navigation systems, digital communications, signal integrity and quality monitoring, intelligent transportation systems and next-generation mobile networks.

One of the key research lines of SPCOMNAV is the interplay between positioning and communication systems, contributing to a paradigm shift in the way current wireless infrastructures and positioning systems are understood today. Our research exploits the bi-directional synergies between location-aware communications and communication-aware positioning. Our group plays a prominent role in next generation GNSS systems and receivers, improving their robustness, adaptability and sensitivity, extending the range of scenarios where they are available, delivering service guarantees at signal level, and providing solutions for GNSS processing in the cloud. In this context, SPCOMNAV is a world-renowned research group in GNSS signal processing, and it enjoys a privileged place the new era of secure and authentic GNSS positioning.

SPCOMNAV is present in the design of positioning services within 5G, in particular exploiting novel technologies such as massive MIMO and mm-W. The research group contributes to the design of resource allocation and cooperation mechanisms at lower layers in order to make the concept of joint communication and positioning systems are reality. The activities of SPCOMNAV have direct applicability in the context of smart cities, intelligent vehicles and V2x networks.



We hold a Chair of Technology and Knowledge Transfer UAB Research Park - Santander.





SPCOMNAV has received the recognition of consolidated research group (SGR-GRC) by the Catalan government. SPCOMNAV has been partially funded by the European FEDER program through the project UNAB08-4E-005 and by the European Union NextGenerationEU program through the project PDC2021-121362-I00/AEI/10.13039/501100011033.